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[Webinar] 10 Amazing Tools For Indie Authors

Want To Self-Publish Smarter And Faster?
Paul Teague is the author of six fiction books and seven non-fiction books, all self-published. He is also a social and digital marketer. Paul spent 18 years working with the BBC as a broadcaster and online journalist prior to going self-employed in 2011.

Webinar Overview

In this one-hour fast start presentation, webinar host Paul Teague will show you how to rapidly accelerate your self-publishing process.

If you're a new or aspiring indie author, you'll find out lots of useful tips to help you to market more effectively, increase your productivity and run your author career like a business.

Paul is a self-published author and the host of the Self Publishing Journeys podcast

  1. How to build an SEO friendly author website with no tech required
  2. How to sell your books directly from your website with no VAT worries
  3. How to GEO-link your books to create a frictionless buying experience around the world
  4. How to force yourself to reach your word count every time
  5. How to become smarter with your social media sharing
  6. How to ditch your ‘finger in the wind’ approach and find out what’s really working online
  7. How to avoid embarrassing errors and give your editors a headstart
  8. How to create eye-popping images to set your social media accounts on fire
  9. How to create great 3D cover images for free and up your game when promoting your book
  10. How to record, share and promote every author success that you have to build your brand and big yourself up

The presentation slides will be available to all webinar attendees as well a resources page packed with great links and tools for all indie authors.

Please note that the free PDF version of How To Build Your Author Platform is not available with the webinar replay option.

Paul Teague


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